Apple is planning to launch upgrade version of iPhone 5 series handset and hope so this would the best alternative for customer seeking iPhone with smaller screen size of 4.7 or 5.5 inch. It was expecting that after the successful profit from iPhone 6 Series handset, Apple may launch iPhone 7 previews soon in year 2016 and also instead of launching smaller screen version of iPhone 6, Apple has decided to launch nest version of iPhone 5 series and Apple iPhone 5se. so all in all, iPhone 5se would be the upgraded version of iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 5se Specs

Apple iPhone 5se has already another codenamed as “N96”……

The new handset would be available in with alternate name from N96 to iPhone 5se. well basically the “SE” specifies the very “Special Edition” and there is one more predicted version specifies by the Apple employees as “Enhanced” version of iPhone 5S series with 4.0 inch screen option. As per the norms, iPhone 5SE would be available in similar design as it was in year 2013 but it would have the upgraded software, applications and hardware fundamentals.

Apple iPhone 5se Features

Sources has conformed some of the great features would be available in Apple iPhone 5se upgraded from iPhone 5S.

  1. First of all it would be available in curved glass designed as we have in iPhone 6 and well grip able back panel.
  2. There would be 8MP primary camera with Dual LED light and 1.2MP Secondary Camera almost similar to iPhone 6 series handset. More ever it would have the same camera with self rotating technology.
  3. Well the chipset likely to be available in as A9/M9 which still not available in some of the iPhones.
  4. Complements with autofocus Video recording and well support for larger panoramas.
  5. Some of the required features include as Bluetooth 4.2, Vol TE and WLAN 802.11ax Wi-Fi and these are almost similar in iPhone 6s.
  6. In term of body color, it would be available in Silver, Space Gray, Gold and last but not the least Rose Gold.

Apple iPhone 5se

Some more similarities in iPhone 6s which would also available in “5se” are leverage 3D Touch screen which would somehow similar to 2013 models. Apple is trying to keep the trend of latest & modern technology and would give iOS upgrades without giving the competition to latest iPhone 6s line. Apple hope for the best for 5se as there is some rumor to stop continuing the iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5se would take the price position of it. So this means that it would be available in iPhone 5S price range. So hope for the best and another news we have as Apple may soon release next version as IPHONE 7 after launch of iPhone 5se in month of March to April 2016.

We have already three versions of Apple iPad Mini available with us. All of them with superb features and advanced technology loaded. The main similarity among between them is it Display size that’s of 7.9 Inch. All of them are available in same screen size of 7.9 inch with 1536X2048 Pixels and Multi-touch facility. Apple iPad again preparing to launch another version from iPad Mini Series as named with Apple iPad Mini 5. Though it would have the chances to have same Screen Size in Apple iPad Mini 5 of 7.9 inch but there would be more available in it.

Apple iPad Mini 5 Expectation

Some of the Expected New Specification Available in iPad Mini

Display: 7.9 inch
OS iOS 9.2
Chipset Apple A10


Chipset Apple A10


GSM, CDMA on 3G and 4G
Battery 55000 mAh Li-Ion

Apple iPad 5 Get Special Camera and Large Memory Option

From the camera trend available in iPad Mini Series, it upgraded from 5MP to 8MP in Mini 4 as from Mini 2,3 to Mini 4 iPad. There would be 13MP Primary camera and 2MP Secondary camera available in iPad Mini 5 Not only this, it would also have 1.12 Micro Pixels Size, Geo-Tagging, Face Detection and HDR technology available in it. It term of memory facility, there would be increment of 3GB RAM and 128 internal memory options in iPad Mini 5. It would not have the extra memory slot to add up the memory capacity.

Apple iPad Mini 5 Camera

Apple iPad Mini: the next generation iPad

Apple already has many iPad in last year’s and all of there are still in demands. After the huge success of iPad Mini 4, apple has planning to bring next generation iPad from previous versions. The upcoming iPad will be available with all upgraded application which would not need any updates after the launch. It would complements with all the static as well as dynamic need of the user and would available in very compact in size. Apart from general features as Connectivity, Messaging, Sensors etc, it would have some extra features as Theft Protection, Wireless Charging facility etc. It will be available as best companion for the users in all the fields.

Apple iPad Mini 5

Apple iPad Mini 5: Performance Expectations

It is the main factors which required by all the users. They always tend to have device of very high performance and fast processing speed. Best Ghz clock speed processor and fast operating system are major factors for best performance of any device. So iPad Mini 5 will have iOS 9.2 Operating System along with based on Apple A10 chipset. It will have Dual-Core 1.8 GHz Typhoon Central Processing Unit. It will also support Quad Core Graphics in PowerVR GX6450 GPU. Performance also include it RAM which will be of 3GB capacity. So all in all, its processing speed would definitely super along with fast task handling capacity.

Apple iPad Mini 5: Friendly and Compatibility Nature

We are always in need of sharing our data and other documents to other. But there were some of device which was not able to compatible with all other gadgets. Few years ago if we were in need to share our data to another device then we needed to find the device which that should be compatible our device to share. Such facilities were Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, some applications etc. But now there is no need to fine the compatible device as every gadget available with us is compatible with others as well. It will have Bluetooth V4.2 A2DP with EDR and Wi-Fi 802.11 with Dual Band. iPad Mini 5 will have Hotspot facility so that one access the internet from same device or even better for data sharing. It will have 2.0 USB connectivity facilities and it is compatible with the entire device without any interruption. But it do not have FM tuner so this may one of the drawback of iPad Mini Versions.

Apple iPad Mini 5 Connectivity

What else iPad Mini 5 loads with?

Well we don’t have the details of features and specs but there are many applications available in iPad make it more user friendly and multi task gadgets. Its browser will be based on HTML 5 version as known as SAFARI. The default applications would available in iCloud Cloud Service, TV-Out option, Audio/Video and Editor Option. All types of Documents viewer etc.

Sensors Complements in iPad Mini 5

One can lock or unlock the iPad with its Fingerprint sensor, play any type of game either vertically or horizontally with help of Accelerometer, Use iPad Mini 5 as GPS with help of Compass and Barometer. Apple iPad Mini 5 will have Non-Removable Li-ion 5500 mAh battery.

Release Date and Price Expectation of Apple iPad Mini 5

iPad Mini 2 Price Range:

iPad Mini 2      16GB               INR. 21000 ($350)

iPad Mini 2      32GB               INR.     25900 ($450)

iPad Mini 3 Price Range:

iPad Mini 3      16GB               INR. 25999 ($450)

iPad Mini 3      64GB               INR. 32690 ($550)

iPad Mini 3      128GB             INR. 37990 ($650)

iPad Mini 4 Price Range:

iPad Mini 4      16GB               INR. 28900 ($490)

iPad Mini 4      64GB               INR. 35900($600)

iPad Mini 4      128GB             INR. 42900 ($750)

Expected Price for Apple iPad Mini 5

iPad Mini 5      16GB               INR. 37000 ($590)

iPad Mini 5      64GB               INR. 44000 ($700)

iPad Mini 5      128GB             INR. 53000 ($850)

Release date of each one Mini has been almost are same duration. iPad Mini launched in Month of November 2012 then iPad Mini 2 launched following the same duration pattern as in November 2013. After that we had launch of iPad Mini 3 in the month of October 2014. Following same series, iPad Mini 4 was launched in month of September 2015. Now the expected date for Apple iPad Mini 5 is just in same pattern as in between October 2016 and November 2016.

Why to have iPhone in your pocket? Well this question does not need any answer at all. Every 95% person out of 100% wants to have iPhone in his pocket. This has become some type of fashion for not only youngsters but also for aged people. For some personalities, iPhone have become the icon symbol for their profession.

Apple iPhone History Lookup

Apple iPhone History Lookup:

Apple has begun the iPhone production in year June 2007 with launch of very first iPhone 1st generation of 3.5 Inch Handset. It was quite simple handset but dedicated with latest iOS technology. So after the grand success of iPhone, with in next year July 2008 of June iPhone 3G of 3.5 Inch launched with same price but little variation in feature. It was dedicated with iOS 3 Operating system and 16GB ROM with 256 MB RAM. Again another handset iPhone 3GS of 3.5 inch launched in the month of June 2009. Due to decrement in iPhone users, in year 2010 apple brought back the next handset with name tag of iPhone 4 of 3.5 Inch. Now it brought great revenue to the apple company because users were expecting something new which is fulfilled by iPhone 4. Apple iPhone 4 was capable of storing almost same as iPhone 3GS was but it was expended it’s RAM to 512MB and upgraded version of iOS 4 Operating System. In term of camera there is 5MP Primary and VGA Secondary available in iPhone 4. iPhone 5 is complemented with A6 chipset and 1GB RAM along with 8/16GB Internal Memory option. iPhone 5 of 4.0 Inch display launched in September 2012 with two variant as in iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. 5S and 5C are available in 8MP Primary camera. In year 2015 September Apple again launched iPhone 6 with variants of 6S of 4.0 inch and 6S and 6S Plus in 5.5 inch display.

iPhone 1st Gen June 2007 3.5 Inch
iPhone 3G  July 2008   3.5 Inch
iPhone 3GS June 2010 3.5 Inch
iPhone 4  October 2011     3.5 Inch
iPhone 5  September 2012 4.0 Inch
iPhone 5C/5S September 2013  4.0 Inch
iPhone 6/ 6Plus September 2014  4.7 Inch
iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus September 2015   5.5 Inch
iPhone 7 September 2016 6.0 Inch 

Apple iPhones Display                 

Apple iPhone 7 Production:

We are in 2016 year and expectation of iPhone 7 is getting closer to us. We have got some conformed news from our sources that Apple has started the production of iPhone 7 handset which will soon going to release in Q4 of 2016. The launch date is expected in Q4 because if we see our previous iPhone launches, all of them have been launched in Q4 of every year. So expected release date of Apple iPhone 7 has obviously conformed in Q4 of 2016.

Upto the iPhone 4 handset, as well as iOS based handsets; these were manufactured by Foxconn in Taiwan. Now another company Pegatron as one of the manufacturing partner of Apple is responsible to produce next iPhone 5 and 6 series. Foxconn is still in engaged in production of iPhone 6. As per the iPhone 7 production, Pegatron has starts the manufacturing it part in Taiwan. Soon in Q3, official will announce the statues of 7 Series.  

Hardware Expectation in Apple iPhones

Hardware Expectation in Apple iPhone 7

Apple has launched its first iPhone in 3.5 Inch display. It was LCD display with Scratch Resistant Glass and the Apple moved to 4.0 inch display to iPhone 4 and 5 handsets. After that iPhone 6 has complemented with 5.5 inch Display which is Twisted Nematic LCD. As per the iPhone 7 display stature, it will have 6.0 inch display and may the option in Corning Gorilla Glass display as well. As per the buttons in iPhone 7, there would be no variation available in it. It will have same as five buttons just like available in other iPhone handsets. iPhone 6 has reduced in thickness from its initials dimension similarly there will be same thickness available for iPhone 7 handsets. There will be in no change in buttons adjustment in it. The design specification of includes the metallic body frame and in multi colors bodies variations. It will have sensors as:

  Ambient Light Sensors in Apple iPhone

Proximity Sensor: it responsible to indicate the deactivation of display and touch screen when handset brought near to ear during making or receiving calls. This saves the battery.

Ambient Light Sensors: when you activate this sensor, it will automatically adjust the brightness and saves the battery power.  

Accelerometer: it helps to adjust the screen rotation as Horizontal or vertical direction. This also helps in pay the games in landscape mode.  

Magnetometer in Apple iPhones

Magnetometer: it this sensor is activates in iPhone, then it help to measure the strength and the direction of magnetic field in the vicinity of the handset. This facility started in iPhone 3GS then it continued with every iPhone handsets.

Audio, Output and Battery expectations:

Definitely to would continued 3.5MM jack and the placement of the speakers would be the same in iPhone 7. The charging port will be available at center top location just like other handset from Apple has. The iPhone features an internal rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

Battery in Apple iPhone

Camera and Storage of iPhone 7 Handset:

From the past year Apple has brought 2MP Primary camera in iPhone 3G and 3GS handset along with VGA camera at front of handset. iPhone 6 has complements with 8MP primary camera and 2MP Secondary camera with LED flashlight dedicated in it. So likewise iPhone 8 would be available with 16MP Primary camera and 5MP Secondary camera.

Camera in Apple iPhone 7

Storage and SIM Management in Apple iPhone 7

We have latest iPhone 6 series handset available in with 2GB LPDDR4 DRAM and internal ROM variant available in 16/32/64 and 128GB ROM. So in next iPhone 7 would be definitely available from 16/32/64 GB to 128GB ROM memory options and it will be same complements with 4GB LPDDR4 DRAM. iPhone 7 will be launch in two versions as for CDMA and GSM. Both will have Nano SIM support facility. It will also available with SIM Lock feature as well.

Software and Hardware available for iPhone 7 Handset

All the iPhone are based on well known operating system is iOS. Similarly iPhone 7 would have same iOS Operating system. It will be also complements with Apple A10 chipset and 2.0 GHz Quad Core Processor. Its touch and gestures features will be based on technology developed by FingerWorks manufacturer. iPhone 7 would feature an internal rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. Chances are to have it Wireless charging facility as well.

Expected Release Date and Price of iPhone 7 handsets

iPhone 1st Gen   June 2007
iPhone 3G      July 2008
iPhone 3GS  June 2010
iPhone 4      October 2011
iPhone 5     September 2012   
iPhone 5C/5S September 2013
iPhone 6/ 6Plus September 2014   
iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus   September 2015 
iPhone 7 September 2016

Apple would make the announcement of Apple iPhone 7 by the month of August 2016 and release would be in September 2016. The approximate price ranges of iPhone mobiles in India are as below:

Price List of iPhone Series:

There are two more variants of iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G (8GB) – Rs.17, 889 ($300)

There are two more variants of iPhone 4

iPhone 4 – 16GB – Rs.14,500 ($250)

iPhone 4 – 32GB – Rs.34,999 ($590)

There are two more variants of iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S 32 GB – Rs.18,790 ($300)

iPhone 4S 64GB – Rs.21,000 ($350)

There are two more variants of iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 – 32GB – Rs.27,999 ($470)

Apple iPhone 5 – 64GB – Rs.31.999 ($530)

There are two more versions on apple iPhone 5c.

Apple iPhone 5c – 16GB – Rs.28,990 ($490)

Apple iPhone 5c – 32GB – Rs.31,490 ($530)

There are two more versions of iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5S 32 GB – Rs.35,980 ($600)

iPhone 5S 64GB – Rs.42,700 ($700)

There are 2 more variants of iPhone 6.

Apple iPhone 6 – 64GB – Rs.52,264 ($880)

Apple iPhone 6 – 128GB – Rs.57,451 ($960)

There are two more versions of iPhone 6 Plus.

iPhone 6 Plus 64GB – Rs.63,900 ($1000)

iPhone 6 Plus 128GB – Rs.65.351 ($1090)

There are two more versions of iPhone 6S, below are price of iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S 64GB – Rs.72,900 ($1215)

iPhone 6S 128GB – Rs.82,351 ($1380)

There are two more versions of iPhone 7, below are expected price of iPhone 7

iPhone 7 64GB – Rs.80,900 ($1350)

iPhone 7 128GB – Rs.90,351 ($1500)

So these were some expected features and price details of Apple iPhone series. Hope you liked it. Please share this blog if you like this leave your comments as well. Keep in touch with us for more updates regarding iPhone 7 handset.